China’s status as an economic bastion continues unabated; we are here to help you connect East with West. Our team possess expertise in: Chinese language, culture, consumer and multimedia production and computer games. We will help you successfully expand as your communications partner.

We at NATIVIZED are focused on Chinese and English communications. Our primary goal is quality in Chinese and English communication services. Our founder will work with you as a conduit; between your company and our experienced team of linguistic, media and graphics experts. Quality is guaranteed at every stage of your project.


Quality is our mantra – We are dedicated to provide precise and concise translations, communications and media services to you for your business and personal life. We don’t just translate – we do extensive research into your product to fully understand the best approach to convey your meaning to your audience.

We’re not just translators – We’re Language Artists: The best translations come from those who fully understand both source and target languages, and we are NATIVES in both Mandarin Chinese and English. Your content is our content, and we are passionate about perfection.

A Team of Talent – Our team consists of seasoned linguists, China-West experts, graphic and web designers, and I.T. professionals.

We deliver quality - Our specialty is in the I.T., Video and Computer Games, Entertainment, Multimedia, Culture, Movies and Marketing industries. Our translation product provides original context that is localized for your target market.

Just tell us your needs and you’ll get it NATIVIZED!
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